Ali Mohammed Birra: The Voice of an Era

Addis Journal

Mohammed Ademo, a New York-based freelance journalist and co-founder of, praises the Oromo music legend on the occasion to celebrate his 50 years in the industry, and the release of his biography that was published in time for the celebration.

Maq livret

He has been described as a national icon, a pioneer, a legend, a hero, a doctor, and even the undisputed king of Oromo music. All of these, however, cannot begin to capture the influence his music has had on Oromo identity, culture, and politics. His work and life reflect his pride in, and devotion to, the empowerment of the Oromo people. His uplifting lyrics and eclectic style will continue to inspire for generations to come.

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About Saphaloo Kadiir

Barreessaa walaloofi asoosamaa afaan oromooti. hawwiin kiyya hogbarruu afaan oromoo guddisuu dha. Hanga ammaa kitaaboota kuusa walaloo lamaa fi asoosama sadi kan barreessee yoon tahuu garuu hanga ammaa maxxansee mil'uu ummata kootiitin dhaqqabuu hin dandeenye. tahuus garuu yeroo gabaabatti ummata kiyya biraan gahuuf of duuba hin deebi'u.
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