Oromo The Largest Ethnic Group Of Ethiopia History Essay


By Marco Demichelis

July 29, 2014 (UKEssays.com – TheUK’s Expert Provider of Custom Essays) — The Oromo people have become the largest ethnic group of Ethiopia in the last century. Ninety percent of the Oromo live on the plateau, a minority resides in the north of Kenya. With a population of over 30 million, the Oromo are the comprise 35 percent of the Ethiopian population. They are a Cushitic (Afro-asiatic language family settled between Tanzania in the south until Sudan and Egypt in the north) -speaking group, even if they have a total of 74 ethnically diverse language groups. In the past, they were probably a nomadic pastoralist group who modified their livelihood typology becoming sedentary farmers since the 16th-17th century. The Oromo were formerly called Galla during the past by non-Oromo Ethiopians, and it is easy to encounter this name in older texts but it is considered today a…

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About Saphaloo Kadiir

Barreessaa walaloofi asoosamaa afaan oromooti. hawwiin kiyya hogbarruu afaan oromoo guddisuu dha. Hanga ammaa kitaaboota kuusa walaloo lamaa fi asoosama sadi kan barreessee yoon tahuu garuu hanga ammaa maxxansee mil'uu ummata kootiitin dhaqqabuu hin dandeenye. tahuus garuu yeroo gabaabatti ummata kiyya biraan gahuuf of duuba hin deebi'u.
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