Divergent Journeys – Child Marriage and Education

UNICEF Ethiopia

 By Indrias Getachew

Famia Abadir and Rasso Abdella are teenage girls living in Sheneni Village of Dujuma Kebele, located 20 kilometers outside of Dire Dawa town in Eastern Ethiopia. They both share dreams of attending university and working as professionals to advance the rights of girls and women. To succeed, however, they must overcome substantial hurdles. Poverty, traditional views on gender roles and the practice of child marriage threatens to derail their ambitions. Their experiences illustrate some of the challenges that girls, particularly in rural areas, face as they strive to achieve their right to an education.

“No one told me to go to school,” recalls Rasso. “I used to spend my time in the hills with my friends shepherding goats. Some of my friends went to school in the mornings. They would write what that they had learnt in school on stones using charcoal. They would write the alphabet…

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About Saphaloo Kadiir

Barreessaa walaloofi asoosamaa afaan oromooti. hawwiin kiyya hogbarruu afaan oromoo guddisuu dha. Hanga ammaa kitaaboota kuusa walaloo lamaa fi asoosama sadi kan barreessee yoon tahuu garuu hanga ammaa maxxansee mil'uu ummata kootiitin dhaqqabuu hin dandeenye. tahuus garuu yeroo gabaabatti ummata kiyya biraan gahuuf of duuba hin deebi'u.
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